1. A New Day and a New Year

    25 Dec 2018
    “Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your…

  2. When Work Stops Suddenly

    24 Dec 2018
    After working with passionate intensity for seven years, circumstances so conspired in late 2015 that overnight I found myself in a creative pause. Well, a creative full stop actually. I felt shocked and was spinning in free fall, all hopes of my PhD evaporating. I write this nearly three years later with…

  3. New Drawing

    22 Sep 2016
    I have begun drawing again after a lapse of many years and I have a large work on paper in a current exhibition, Moving Creatures at the Schoolhouse Gallery in Rosny. I work with my senses and feelings, always searching for ways to explore human participation in the eternal and evolutionary, cyclical flow of nature…

  4. ‘Looking Down Under’ Published

    01 Sep 2016
    I received my copy of Looking Down Under : Contemporary Artists from Australia today. I am proud to have my work in this new book though already I am seeing things I would have done differently!  I guess this is the life of an artist, always striving to do better. 

  5. Great Exposure in PhotoArtMag

    11 Nov 2015
    A big thank you to Nishant at PhotoArtMag for the in-depth article about me and my work. What impressed me about the team at PhotoArtMag was the personal touch they bring to each artist they interview and also the amazing diversity of artists and creatives they feature. I am proud to have my…

  6. In the Spotlight

    29 Sep 2015
    On 17th September Format, the great online, portfolio design company I use, gave me an unexpected, special promotion on social media by spotlighting my work for the day. Big thank you to the Format team! I really appreciate having my work exposed to so many people all around the world.

  7. IMAGO MUNDI ‘First Light’

    25 Aug 2015
    This is my artwork for the IMAGO MUNDI collection and travelling exhibition, Looking Down Under; Australian Contemporary Art. 200 Australian artists were invited to submit a tiny artwork for this significant collection.  In this work, the life-giving force of the rising sun dissipates the shadow of night.  First Light   12x10cm  pinhole image on canvas


    05 Mar 2015
    I have been fortunate to be invited to participate in Looking Down Under: Australian Contemporary Art, a curated, traveling exhibition of 200 Australian artists, commissioned by Luciano Benetton, Italian chairman of the apparel empire, Benetton Group. The unique international project IMAGO MUNDI (Images of the World) comprises a huge collection…

  9. New Range of Greeting Cards

    04 Mar 2015
    I have created a new range of greeting cards using my soft, pinhole photographs, captured in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel area of Tasmania. Tasmania is a small island at the bottom of Australia and the southern-most State. This unique location is characterised by a tranquil interaction of land, sea and sky…

  10. LensCulture Exposure Award 2014

    14 Dec 2014
    I have entered the International LensCulture Exposure Award 2014. One of my images has been posted on the the LensCulture website as one of the Editors’ picks from all the hundreds of entries they have received from around the world. You can find my image, Arna, on the LensCulture site…

  11. Honours Results

    08 Dec 2014
    I have been awarded Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (First Class), and the Graduation Ceremony is to take place on Thursday 18th December at 6pm. I have applied to commence a PhD (Creative Arts) in 2015 at the University of Tasmania and I am waiting to hear if my…

  12. Honours 2014

    08 Dec 2014
    My Honours work, hanging in the Plimsoll Gallery ready for assessment. I submitted three large prints which expressed my project aims of depicting moment to moment change in the natural environment. We were allocated a certain amount of space in the Gallery each, so the work had to relate well…

  13. Tidal 14: City of Devonport Art Award

    02 Sep 2014
    Today I was notified that my image, Halcyon, has been selected as a finalist in Tidal:14, the City of Devonport Art Award. The Tidal:14 exhibition will be officially opened at the Devonport Regional Gallery on Friday 12 December 2014 at 7:30pm followed by the announcement of the award recipients Halcyon,…

  14. Bio Cup Art Series

    02 Sep 2014
    A few months ago I was thrilled to be commissioned to participate in a community art project. Ten Artists who explore environmental themes were selected to each have an image printed on a Bio Cup, which would then be distributed all over Australia and New Zealand. The company reported a…

  15. Camera Obscura Project

    01 Sep 2014
    The first two weeks of July were spent constructing a Camera Obscura in a temporarily, unoccupied space in the Tasmanian College of the Arts. The space was on the corner of the building, had an interesting and colourful scene outside, along with the potential for frequent vehicular activity, which would…