1. When Work Stops Suddenly

    2018-12-24 03:16:00 UTC
    After working with passionate intensity for seven years, circumstances so conspired in late 2015 that overnight I found myself in a creative pause. Well, a creative full stop actually. I felt shocked and was spinning in free fall, all hopes of my PhD evaporating. I write this nearly three years…

  2. New Drawing

    2016-09-22 01:57:00 UTC
    I have begun drawing again after a lapse of many years and I have a large work on paper in a current exhibition, Moving Creatures at the Schoolhouse Gallery in Rosny. I work with my senses and feelings, always searching for ways to explore human participation in the eternal and…

  3. ‘Looking Down Under’ Published

    2016-09-01 01:24:00 UTC
    I received my copy of Looking Down Under : Contemporary Artists from Australia today. I am proud to have my work in this new book though already I am seeing things I would have done differently!  I guess this is the life of an artist, always striving to do better. …

  4. Great Exposure in PhotoArtMag

    2015-11-11 03:40:00 UTC
    A big thank you to Nishant at PhotoArtMag for the in-depth article about me and my work. What impressed me about the team at PhotoArtMag was the personal touch they bring to each artist they interview and also the amazing diversity of artists and creatives they feature. I am proud…

  5. In the Spotlight

    2015-09-29 06:30:00 UTC
    On 17th September Format, the great online, portfolio design company I use, gave me an unexpected, special promotion on social media by spotlighting my work for the day. Big thank you to the Format team! I really appreciate having my work exposed to so many people all around the world…

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