New Drawing

I have begun drawing again after a lapse of many years and I have a large work on paper in a current exhibition, Moving Creatures at the Schoolhouse Gallery in Rosny. I work with my senses and feelings, always searching for ways to explore human participation in the eternal and evolutionary, cyclical flow of nature, in visual form.

In this new work, which is one part of a larger project to cycle four seasons, I have worked on an easel outside at dawn and with eyes closed, to enliven my aural sense, I have rendered my perceptions of one springtime, dawn chorus on paper. The drawing process began at 5:30am and concluded at 9:30am.

The actions of my hand and arm as I listen to the birds and feel their songs, are automatic, rapid and unfiltered with no expectation or anticipation of any particular outcome. As my body moves in loose, harmonious, gestural rhythms, my conscious awareness becomes a still point amidst whirling, unbridled expressions of nature’s, dynamic fecundity.

Installation View : Avian/ Spring  110 x 320 cm

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