Bio Cup Art Series

A few months ago I was thrilled to be commissioned to participate in a community art project. Ten Artists who explore environmental themes were selected to each have an image printed on a Bio Cup, which would then be distributed all over Australia and New Zealand. The company reported a positive response to a trial of this scheme and on the strength of that, decided to implement it on an ongoing basis and the Bio Cup Art Series was born.

My pinhole camera image, Aureole, was chosen and I received samples of the finished cup just a few weeks ago. The cups are in circulation right now and a local coffee shop is using my cup exclusively. I have seen images of my cup at Circular Quay in Sydney, in a University Library and even used as a pot for seedlings.

I changed my name recently and my previous name of Juliet Meredith Webster is printed on the cups,  just to make things extra confusing.

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