I have been fortunate to be invited to participate in Looking Down Under: Australian Contemporary Art, a curated, traveling exhibition of 200 Australian artists, commissioned by Luciano Benetton, Italian chairman of the apparel empire, Benetton Group. The unique international project IMAGO MUNDI (Images of the World) comprises a huge collection of world art, representing all countries, which is showcased in handsome catalogue publications and itinerant exhibitions throughout the world.

The IMAGO MUNDI collection has no commercial interests and instead aims to bring together the diversity of our world in the name of collective, artistic experience. Its purpose is to catalogue world creativity in a way that is free from the usual museum processes and the art market.

Each participating artist produces a work on the 10x12cm canvas provided and has their artwork and biography profiled in a beautiful publication, which includes an introductory text by a local art critic and an essay by the curator of the regional project. From August to October 2013, the IMAGO MUNDI exhibition made its debut at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice, as part of the Venice Biennale.

I have received my tiny canvas and I am thinking about the best way to approach it.

My 10x12cm blank canvas!

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